ArSim is a scalable and reusable driver assessment and training simulator which aims to provide the trainees with a realistic and immersive driving experience.

ArSim has two types of visualization options. In the first option, we use classical multiple 2D or 3D displays side-by-side, and this option is commercial off-the-shelf. In the second option, we use augmented reality glasses, which is currently as a prototype system. For developing an augmented reality glasses, we extended the capability of Oculus Rift by adding 2 ultra wide angle full HD cameras on top of it.

The add-on cameras allow Oculus Rift to display real world vision inside its display (see figure below); and to display virtual world behind the real world vision, we made use of Chroma keying .Trainees are able to see whole vision of the real world that cameras provide. The green clothed (Chroma key) parts are replaced with virtual world vision, thus enabling trainees to see both real world and virtual world concurrently.



Genel Bilgi