Interactive 3D Content and Presentation Generation (HoloDesign)

HoloDesign is a 3D interactive content and presentation generation tool for stereoscopic & auto-stereoscopic 3D displays. Using a rich and powerful set of content production features, the generated content can be displayed on a wide range of 3D display types/techniques such as:
• Anaglyph Glasses
• Left-Right Side by Side
• Top-Bottom Side by Side
• Checkerboard
• Row-Interlaced
• 9-Tiled View
• nVidia Quadro
• Philips 2D + Depth
• Parallax Barriers
• Lenticular Displays
HoloDesign has the following features:
• Working With Multiple Pages (Content can be Designed with one or more Slides)
• Assigning Page Transition Effect to Each Page (Fade In/Out, Coming from Left, Coming from Center, etc.)
• Assigning Page Transition Conditions to Each Page (Key Press, Mouse Click, Time Delay, etc.)
• Assigning Page Transition Targets to Transition Conditions (to Next Page, to Previous Page, to a Specific Page)
• Setting Camera Location & Properties of Each Page
• Setting Page Background Color
• Setting Page Background Video (in 3D)
• Setting Page Background Music
• Setting Page Visual Effects (Brightness, Contrast, Blur, Reflection, Grayscale Level, Wireframe, Edge Crop, etc.)
• Adding Multiple Lights to Pages