SimBT Image Generator SIMREALIZE

SimRealize is the ideal solution for satisfying your most basic to most sophisticated 3D synthetic environment visualization and simulation requirements. SimRealize offers you very realistic, high quality 3D graphics and 3D sound even with low cost computers and graphic cards.


SimRealize uses multi-resolution terrain optimization and block-based large area database management techniques in order to use CPU and memory resources effectively, and only loads and visualizes the blocks within the limits of visible distance. In order to avoid interrupts in rendering, SimRealize loads terrain data into memory by employing multiple threads, and also spreads out initialization of features into several frames. For effective visualization of land covers such as grasses and followers, a cut-off distance is used, and for high performance rendering of trees & bushes, mesh and billboard techniques are used in parallel. Billboard of trees & bushes are automatically generated aligned with the camera direction and lighting conditions and rendering is switched from mesh to billboard in far distances. In between near and far distances, meshes and billboards are blended into each other for avoiding popping effects.

For rendering sun-glare, sun-shafts, moon and sky, astronomy and meteorology computations are performed in real-time, and for generating clouds, procedural techniques are used.



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