SimBT, which set out with the principle of "Designing and Developing 100% National Products Based on Original Science and Technology" in 2009 at METU Technopolis; Defense, Aviation, Space, Education; It offers solutions and products suitable for the needs in the fields of Health, Energy and Security, and customer requirements with its qualified staff. Working on product-oriented projects with academics from various universities who attach importance to applied research, SimBT can easily integrate into different ecosystems with its flexible and fast structure, and can easily present the products and solutions it has developed/developed by putting innovation at the center of its corporate culture.
SimBT has strong capabilities for provide domestic and international needs of authorities which are;

  • • Medical Informatics, Health Applications and Systems,
  • • Modeling Simulation and Simulator Applications and Systems,
  • • Modeling Simulation and Simulator Applications and Systems
  • • Mixed, Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Applications and Systems,
  • Interactive Education and Training Systems

has the knowledge, experience, infrastructure and product range to meet the needs of.


Gaining the Latest Technologies Related to Modeling, Simulation and Simulator Systems with Military and Civil Purpose Systems, Adapting These Technologies to the Needs of the Country and Reducing Foreign Dependency by Developing New Technologies, Producing Spindle, Original and Global Systems with High Competitive Chance, Presenting them to the Turkish and World Markets.


With our R&D and Innovation Focused Infrastructure in the Fields of Defense, Security, Energy, Health, Transportation and Education, we are a reliable and flexible company that designs and develops National, Original and Global Systems Compatible with the Latest Technologies and Standards.

At SimBT, Our Core Value is Human,

We Do Not Avoid Initiative and Responsibility,

We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction,

We aim for excellence,

We are reliable,

Strong as Big Companies,

Flexible and Fast as Small Companies,

 A Reputable Organization Is Our Core Values That Make Us Who We Are.


Process and Quality Management

Modeling, Simulation and Simulator Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 3D Graphics and Animation, Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Computer Based Interactive Education and Multi-Media systems, Geographic Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Embedded and Real Time Software, Civil and Military Platform and System Applications, Stereoscopic, Automatic Stereoscopic and Three-Dimensional Hologram Visualization Systems, Marine and Land Simulations and Simulators, Image Processing and Data Technologies.