Land Simulation and Simulators Product Family

Train Simulator (TSim)

This simulator is a desk type mechanic training simulator. On the 640 km train route, the machinists; In order to gain experience in correct use of marquise controls, increasing train driving skills, applying train driving methods in all kinds of road, climate and natural conditions, operating procedures, speed limits, safe driving habits related to traffic systems in the existing network of TCDD and eliminating electrification failures that may occur. developed.

Land Vehicle Simulator (Ar-Sim)

ArSim enables all land vehicle drivers, including disabled and risky drivers, to drive in a variety of virtual traffic environments with varying traffic densities and signaling, weather, pedestrian and road conditions. In this simulator, lane, traffic light, traffic warning light and speed violation, collision with the vehicle and pedestrian, pressing the gas and brake at the same time, overtaking and turning without signaling, sudden gas and braking, insufficient clutch pressure, high speed usage, irregular gear changes, It is possible to make measurements and evaluations such as average and total fuel consumption, total carbon emission more economically.